About me

55 years old
Zodiac sign:
Australia, South Australia, City subs, Anangu Pitjantjatjara, Mimili

Appearence & character

Languages I can communicate in:
What are you looking for?:
marriage, long-term relationship
My religion is:


I am young at heart,but am very cautious on the side of love I have had my heart broken to pieces a couple of times and I find it hard to describe myself as I almost don't know anymore,A few years have passed since my last relationship an have just come back from a European holiday with my adult son and it was great to spend time with him but it would have been fantastic if I had my best friend with me.I am a baker by trade and it's the only job I have ever had.I am cheeky but also sometimes misunderstood,I love to love and love to laugh,I would like to travel more Egypt, Canada,USA but i am a very open minded person and am up to most things,I need to excersise more I know that.I do not like conflict in my life I have had that,i like to talk things out as I don't believe couples should ever go to bed angry with each other,yes I do understand a relationship takes work but if it's the right relationship it's easy,fun,enjoyable and the best thing in your life,


I am looking for a girl who will love me for me,In return I can love you for you. I don't wish to change you and I don't want to be changed,I can bend and I don't have a problem with that I am an easy going person but I dislike liars,drug users,people that cheat,I enjoy the warmth of a woman that she can give,I don't mind if you are funny, cheeky,and must smile.

My Interests

I enjoy cars and driving, day trips for lunch or picnic.I enjoy just walking along the beach or sitting and watching waves thinking about nothing.I enjoy going out for dinner and a nice wine,I enjoy boating. I enjoy catching up with friends over a BBQ or dinner also