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60 lat
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Australia, Queensland, Sunshine Coast

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nie palę
piję okazyjnie
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nie mam włosów
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angielski, niemiecki, hiszpański
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przyjaźni, poważnego związku, zabawy
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O mnie

Thank you for reading my profile ladies - very appreciated.

An excerpt from The 100/0 Principle by Al Ritter

What is the most effective way to create and sustain great relationships with others? It's The 100/0 Principle: You take full responsibility (the 100) for the relationship, expecting nothing (the 0) in return.

Implementing The 100/0 Principle is not natural for most of us. It takes real commitment to the relationship and a good dose of self-discipline to think, act and give 100 percent.

The 100/0 Principle applies to those people in your life where the relationships are too important to react automatically or judgementally. Each of us must determine the relationships to which this principle should apply. For most of us, it applies to work associates, customers, suppliers, family and friends.

Food for thoughts!?

Looking forward to your thought(s)?!?!


Meaningful conversation and she needs to be fun while having an occasional laugh - a day without a laugh is a lost day as Charlie Chaplin stated! Likes to travel, to go out and socialize. Dresses well while going out, stylish/classic/feminine - no thongs please!

She should be either slim and/or fit and preferably not smaller than 165 cm or exceeding 185 cm.

While most women can give you a blow job, I am seeking a woman which can blow my mind.

English would be great - however, I also speak German and Spanish!

Friendship with a female
Dating with a female
Relationship with a female

Moje Zainteresowania

Music: From classic, blues, jazz, pop, rock, new age (definitely 70's) - I do not like heavy metal or heavy rock.
Reading: Mainly technical literature and addressing the Y-Generation. Reading kids book - mainly in German to my youngest daughter of eight ;-)
Movies/TV: I do not watch TV - don't have one, but like to watch a classic movie in our home studio or cinema/outdoor. Those are extended with new release thrillers. I do like comedies occasionally. Not into new age vampires! ;-)
Sport: Road bike, fencing and basketball coaching. During Australian and European winter seasons I try to go skiing with my two little girls. I am an active person so hardly watch sport on screens/play grounds.
Others: While throwing dinner parties I enjoy being outdoors, camping, bush walking, photography. I like travelling, sightseeing, window shopping. FRIENDS