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43 lat
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Australia, New South Wales, Hunter, Newcastle

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staram się rzucić
piję okazyjnie
nie mam ale chcę mieć
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jasny szatyn
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polski, angielski

O mnie

I've lived in Australia for about 25 years. Born in Poland (moved here age 5). I've been back to Poland in 95 and it's definitely a different way of life there. Found myself missing Australia after 3 months away (maybe due to the greyish sky during winter), on the other hand many aspects were excellent in Poland (culture and food). My Polish language is ok, but reading can be a little hard for me but I manage to sound the words out and get the drift of what the message is about, writing... forget about it (it would be full of mistakes haha).I guess if you don't use it you loose it. Have finished university as a petroleum geologist and have enjoyed my experiences involed with work as it's always something new and different. I'm a fairly quite/reserved person with a small group of friends which I can rely on. I want to really settle down now and start a new chapter in my life eg married with kids as the chapter on bachelorhood is well worn out...


I'm looking for a woman who understands the polish way of life for example the traditions/values/general attitudes, having polish friends etc.But also with an Australian edge (whatever that means I'm not sure either hehe).Hopefully both parties find each other attractive.....
I would like to meet a girl between 28-37 yrs old'ish. Hopefully on meeting there could be some chemistry. At the start interests/attraction etc can be a good starting point but in the end it's really more about how issues/situations small and large are worked out between two people etc. So I guess if your a totally unreasonable person your going to get fireworks as I'm no push over either hahah. I do have a compassionate / understanding side and really try understand what the other person is trying to convey, so diplomacy is a strong point with me.

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Many interests and am willing to give new interests a go. But I really like the beach, travelling, guitar, fishing.